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Our mission is to create a safe, friendly space for artists of all ages to come together and express their creative sides.  Making art is a proven coping mechanism to reduce stress and anxiety and  help keep our spirits up.  During this pandemic, we need all of the tools we can gather!

We believe it's possible, with skillful instruction and nurturing encouragement, to  unlock the creative within each and every one of us. Whether you are a confident artist looking to gain more skills and comradery, or if you are a reluctant artist that always wished you could draw but thought that you couldn't, we invite you to join us.  Are you  looking for new inspiration, new skills, stress reduction, a chance to connect with other artists or  simply interested in picking up a new hobby? Morning Dove Art School is here to create a space for your creativity to flourish.


We also take student input seriously- your ideas and needs are what guide our curricula. 


All classes currently online, so you can come from wherever you are!   You have the option of using your own art supplies or purchasing a basic art kit from us.


"The teacher makes all the difference in an art class, and Ellen has the ability to elicit amazing results in all her students. Since taking her class, I find myself looking at the world with new eyes, noticing shadows & light, shapes & textures, and wanting to draw or paint them."


—  Maria Deluca, adult student

"It's very fun, and I'm learning a lot about art AND animals (like owls, silkies, and huskies)." 

—  Alice, age 8


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